Dear welcome guest, please respect the laws and regulations in force, with particular reference to those of the Municipal Police.

Silence must be respected in the time slot between 14.00 and 16.00 and between 23.00 and 8.00. In general, in the apartment, on the terrace, in the stairs and entrance hall, it is good manners to respect the rules of good civilized living.

Given the legal obligations incumbent on the owner of the Holiday Home, the stay is reserved exclusively for the people indicated in the booking. For registration purposes, guests will be asked for a copy of their identity document (passport, identity card) with their identification data. The access of other people other than those registered is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in the house and in the internal condominium spaces (stairways and corridors).
Pets are not allowed.

The guest releases the owner of the Holiday Home from any responsibility for the theft or damage to goods or objects belonging to him left in the house unattended. Please always close doors, grates and windows.

Upon arrival and departure, the owner and his guests will inspect the property in order to assess any damage, both to the property and to the furnishings; damages, if any, must be compensated immediately. Particular attention must be paid to the house keys; their loss will result in the replacement of the lock on the entrance door with the amount of 100.00 euros.

On the day of check-out, the property must be returned BEFORE 10.00 in order to proceed with the cleaning of the apartment. A penalty of €300.00 for each day of delay will be applied to the Guest in the event of a delayed return of the property.

In order to reduce the environmental impact and respect the natural habitat, Guests will undertake not to waste water unnecessarily and to make appropriate and prudent use of electricity.

The house is delivered clean, tidy and in good condition. Return it in the same way. The guest must provide for its cleaning, carefully placing the rubbish in the appropriate containers following the instructions for separate collection.
Do not flush anything down the toilet or sink that could clog the pipes.

This regulation is posted in the house and on the website, the violation of the same will result in the immediate interruption of the stay in the Holiday Home.

  The Management of Al Glicine Apartments